日本 タイ国際共同製作映画『アリエル王子と監視人』“Hand in the Glove”



Wish freedom and Feel responsibility,
― 3days road movie of prince and a girl

It‘s a romantic story between prince from “Levelle kingdom”
on an escape journey and a girl living freely in Japanese city,
with a stylish Asian taste of colorful and vivid images.
The story is set in a city of beautiful mother nature, fashion, artistic architectures, and history – Kumamoto.

The main character of this film is “a man who constantly smiles.”
He is a prince who is tired of the responsibilities and lack of freedom that comes from being an heir to a throne. To him, smiling is a way of protecting himself from the unavoidable circumstances and responsibilities, and from having to confront himself.
He deals with the stress caused by the inability to live his own life freely not by crying and making a fuss, something he believes to be pointless resistance; but instead, he lets life happen while trying not to lose his mind.
I felt that I wanted to look into this man’s way of life. I am not interested in whether his attitude is right or wrong (however, I believe that for films, to “look” means the same as to acknowledge that person). I simply wanted to make a film that was based on the realizations and feelings of the generation that I myself currently live in.
Director Yusuke Inaba



ファッション、アート建築、歴史、そして雄大で美しい自然の街 熊本で描かれる、
日本 タイ国際共同製作ロードムービー。

監督 稲葉雄介